"I've saved hundreds of pounds and hours of time"

22 y90 kg beforeresult 67 kg

I didn’t join Fitlap to lose weight - I wanted to save time and money. I’ve lost 23kg in the process but the benefits go way beyond that.

Every Saturday, my partner and I spent hours putting a shopping list together. It was such a waste of time. It baffled me that there wasn’t a plan that built your shopping list for you. So, I Googled and found Fitlap. Now, I don’t want to sound dramatic but it changed my life. They chose my meals, built my shopping list and told me how much to eat. The recipes are super short, fast and easy to make. I’m not the best in the kitchen so I loved how simple the recipes were. I need that during the working week - life is busy as it is without trying fancy recipes all the time. 

My (other) favourite thing about Fitlap is that my partner and I only pay for one membership. No other plan allows you to do that. It’s basically like ‘buy one, get one free’. Fitlap are ethical - they just want to help people live healthier lives so they let you add your partner and kids to the same account which has saved us so much money! I’m loving everything about it.

Kairi Jõõts on Fitlapi abil kaotanud 23 kg!

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