"I finally have the energy, happiness and bad-ass confidence I was looking for"

29 y98 kg beforeresult 78 kg

I had no idea what ‘healthy eating’ looked like before I joined Fitlap and had the worst relationship with food. I didn’t know what or how much to eat and found the whole process exhausting.

So, I joined Fitlap and gradually, the weight started to fall off. The recipes are all incredible and I love the structure and flexibility it gives me. I can follow the recipes word for word, or I can tweak them to suit what I have left in my fridge to save money and minimise food waste. 

I’d tried other programmes in the past but I always found their recipes too long and time-consuming. I have a busy job and can’t always find the time to cook so being able to just grab fruit and yoghurt from the shop for dinner transformed my eating habits instantly. Now I eat regularly, have tons more energy and have absolute confidence in knowing that I’m eating the right portion sizes. 

I'd love to tell you that I have had dark moments and that there were times when I struggled on the plan but I can’t. Fitlap is way too easy for that. It’s practical and realistic that there is something for everyone. They know that some people like to keep their meals simple and convenient and that others prefer to put a little more time into their culinary creations. They cater for everyone and that’s just one of the reasons why it works. 

I’ve lost 20kg so far and know my body better than ever thanks to Fitlap, but I’m not stopping there. Watch this space!

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