"My wife and kids love Fitlap and we're all healthier for it"

30 y108.5 kg beforeresult 80 kg

I'd stopped looking in the mirror because I was pretty embarrassed of what I saw. I kept promising myself and my wife that I would do something about it but I bottled it every time. I used to be so fit and athletic but we'd had two kids and I'd grown bigger with the birth of each one. When we heard there was a third on the way I decided to finally do something about it.

I’d tried different plans in the past but they only worked if you were cooking for yourself - not the whole family. Then a friend told me about Fitlap. His family had been using it for six months and he wouldn’t stop banging on about how amazing it was. So I tried it. Actually, my whole family tried it, and we all loved it. My wife was over the moon because it meant she could support my weight loss efforts without having to cook separate meals for us. My kids loved the food because a) it’s delicious and b) the recipes were really easy so they helped me in the kitchen and we spent more quality time together. 

I owe a lot to Fitlap. I’m almost 30kg lighter, my confidence is back and I’m happy, which generally makes me more fun to be around. My kids have learnt what it means to eat healthily and my wife is losing her 'baby-weight' now too, because the recipes are suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Genius! Small price tag, epic results.

Andri Snetkov kaotas Fitlapi toitumiskavaga 28.5 kg

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