The future of personalised nutrition

Nutrition and health are flaming hot topics right now. COV-19 has made us pay closer attention to our diets than ever before because what we eat directly affects how well our bodies can fend off viruses, disease, and infection.

There are countless theories as to what healthy eating should look like but there are only two key principles to follow, no matter what the diet.

  1. Eat the right portion size for someone of your height and weight
  2. Make sure that the food you eat provides you with the nutrients your body needs to function and thrive

As people, we’re the same in many ways; two eyes, two ears, and one heart, but our dietary needs differ from one person to the next.

Portion sizes vary greatly depending on our weight/health-related goals, and physical features - our gender, age, height, and average activity levels.

And when it comes to nutrients, it's a bit of a minefield. Our bodies are nutrient-dependent and only function optimally when all the necessary micro-and macronutrients are present. You might be able to fool your body into thinking that everything is hunky-dory in the short term, but be warned. Depriving your body of the micro and macronutrients it needs to function long-term will come back to haunt you.

Okay, so, eat the right portion sizes and get all the nutrients our bodies need. We get it. But how are we meant to do that when most of us have no idea what our ideal portion size is, or what nutrients we need?

It’s simple. People want to eat the food they love in the fastest, easiest and cheapest way possible. And that’s how it should be. Healthy eating should be 100% personalised - it should fit your dietary requirements like a glove with minimal effort. 

The future of nutrition

There are three ways to put food on the table. We either cook it ourselves, eat in a restaurant, or order a takeaway but that will change.

The ideas shared below are aspirational. We're not there yet but we will be. These are our predictions and we'll work tirelessly to bring them life, to ensure a healthier, happier nation.

At home

Cooking at home will remain a part of our daily routines, but it will become more of a conscious process. 

Instead of throwing random meals or ingredients together we will prepare meals that fulfil our dietary needs and requirements. Everyone needs to eat anyway so why not prepare healthy meals without compromising on taste.

Eating out

Picture this. You go to your favorite restaurant. You open your nutrition app (Fitlap, for example) and once you’ve selected your meal, your personal portion measurements are sent to the restaurant’s kitchen. They prepare the meal for you whilst you sit back and enjoy your favourite foods in the comfort of knowing that you’re fuelling your body with the food it really needs. This change will give us greater control of our diet with minimal effort. And obviously the price of these meals will vary depending on the portion size. ‘One-size-fits-all’ meals will be a thing of the past.

It’s only a matter of time before restaurants offer a customisable approach to their menus.


This customisable concept will apply to takeaways and food delivery apps, too. A few clicks and a meal designed specifically to meet your nutritional requirements will be at your door in no time. 

Fitlap will bridge the gap

Fitlap will remove the barriers to healthy eating and make customisable portion sizes in restaurants a reality. 

Fitlap is simple to use:

  • You create an account and share your age, weight, height and average physical activity level.
  • Fitlap personalises your account in line with your weight and nutrition goals based on the information you share.
  • You choose a recipe you want to eat.
  • We display your personal portion size for that recipe.
  • You prepare the recipe at home or if at a restaurant, your personalised portion size will be sent to the restaurant’s kitchen to be prepared for you

The future

  • People will eat according to their body’s nutritional requirements, regardless of whether they prepare the meals for themselves at home, eat at a restaurant or order a takeaway.
  • One-size-fits-all meals will be a thing of the past. A 5ft 4 inch female will no longer be served, or expected to pay for the same portion as a 6ft 1 male. 
  • Restaurants will offer customers the option to prepare people’s favourite foods according to their needs.
  • These meals will be available through food delivery apps, too.
  • Meals will be priced according to the portion size.

What is Fitlap?

Fitlap is a company that fights obesity by making healthy eating doable. It’s a successful nutrition app that makes healthy eating as fast, flexible, easy and affordable for all.

Fitlap removes the complexity from healthy eating and plans your weekly food menu for you. We use algorithms to provide every user with a unique meal plan that is specifically tailored to fulfil your dietary needs and weight goals. We provide recipes that are quick, easy, flexible and affordable to prepare and fit seamlessly into your life.

We’re fundraising, too. Learn more here and join us to change the way people eat for good.

Have a prediction of your own? Feel free to comment below.

Heikki Mägi
CEO of Fitlap

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