When to eat for weight loss?

A nutritious breakfast fires up our metabolism for the day and is crucial for weight loss. Kick-start your metabolism by eating your first meal within 2 hours of waking up and don’t even think about skipping breakfast. It will only leave you feeling hungry, angry or 'hangry' – an unpleasant combination of the two. Regular meals speed up our metabolism - the rate at which our bodies burn fat - and prevent hunger, so eat four times a day and spread your meals evenly throughout the day. Try one of our mega delicious egg-based recipes like Scrambled Egg & Chickpeas and start your day the right way.

Eat four times a day

We recommend eating 4 meals a day, but if that doesn't work for you, don't worry. There are no hard and fast rules as to how many times a day you eat so if you'd prefer to eat 5 smaller meals or 3 larger meals a day, do it. It won't damage or slow your weight loss.

Unfortunately meals and calories can’t be rolled over to the following day. So if you don’t eat your entire daily calorie allowance one day, you can’t roll it over and eat it the next day. Eat it or lose it!

...but you don’t need to cook four times a day

Use our meal multiplier to make multiple portions of the same dish. This is what we call 'batch cooking'. You can reheat the dish throughout the week or freeze and save them for those lazy days when you have no energy to cook. Make as many portions as you like and save yourself time, money and energy. 

Cooking 3 portions for Emily and 2 for Jack to save time

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