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Latest UK government guidelines tell us to distance ourselves physically from our loved ones due to COVID-19. So understandably, more of us are turning to online communities and forums for support. And it makes sense, right? Many of us aren't (and have never been) comfortable with opening up and sharing our body struggles with others in person. Face to face conversations about sensitive topics can feel awkward, stressful and leave us feeling a bit embarrassed when we admit that we overindulged with a cheeky takeaway last night when we knew we shouldn't.

Face to face conversations come with a certain pressure and vulnerability that most of us just aren't comfortable with. Take that same conversation online and we're instantly more comfortable with it. Confessions of how we're struggling to stay on track become easy and we're suddenly able to be open and honest with others and ourselves. Speaking from behind the safety of our phones and keyboard allows us to be more vulnerable than we normally would. But why does that matter? Being honest with ourselves helps us to communicate our needs and wants clearly to others and that is beautiful. And when you're honest with yourself, others can help you get what you need.

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Weight loss can be a lonely place but belonging to a weight loss support group full of like-minded people gives you the encouragement, strength and empathy you need to keep pushing towards your goals. You're not the first person to diet and you won’t be the last. We all face the same weight loss challenges and we know how to ease those problems for you. Be a keyboard warrior and share your weight loss journey in our weight loss support group and let our community help you. Our members have dealt with the same weight loss struggles as you. Let them help you by sharing their suggestions and solutions with you. Our weight loss support group allows you to connect with others so that we can all learn from each other’s experiences and progress faster together. Not joined our support group yet? Well what are you still doing here? Join the group now to see new and exclusive recipes, endless weight loss tips, tools and even cheats to help you get the most out of Fitlap to shed those unwanted pounds.

Need more help?

We pride ourselves on giving you the support you need to keep pushing towards your body goals. Just open the Fitlap app or visit www.fitlap.co.uk to chat to us via the chat box. This is a direct line to our team - not a robot. Our team know everything there is to know about weight loss (and life in general) and there's no such thing as a 'silly question'. Ask us anything about weight loss and let us guide the way to your dream bod for you.

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