Add your family to your account for free

We know how important your family’s health is to you, which is why you can add up to ten family members onto your one account for free. Add your family members and their goals onto your account on the ‘family members’ page.

Preparing meals for your family

When preparing a meal for your family, click on a recipe, tick the names of the family members you’re cooking for beneath the ‘family members’ section on the right hand side of the page. The ingredients list will automatically update itself.

How much should my family eat?

Once your food is ready to serve, weigh the entire meal and enter that weight into our portion calculator where it says ‘cooked weight’. This portion calculator will calculate how much food each family member should eat. Simple as that. Top tip: Subtract the weight of the bowl, pot or pan that the food is in from the dish before you enter the weight into the calculator.


Logging a family members’ workouts

All family members should log their workouts or exercise - not just you as the account holder. The process for doing that is the same as logging your own workouts. You can do this on your meal plan or workout page. Their snack will double in size on the days they work out, just as it does when you log a workout of your own. If your family aren’t concerned with portion sizes - don’t worry. Weigh out your own portion and share the rest with your family as you or they like.

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