How to double the size of your snack

With Fitlap, you eat four meals a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all equal in calorie content. The fourth meal, your 'snack', is half the size...unless you exercise.

On the days you don't exercise

On non-training days your meal plan will look like this. Your snack will be half the size of the other meals.

  • Breakfast = 600kcal
  • Lunch = 600kcal
  • Dinner = 600kcal
  • Snack = 300kcal

On the days you do

When you exercise your snack doubles in size to account for the calories you burn during exercise. On the days that you exercise, your meal plan will look like this. All four meals will have exactly the same calorie content.

  • Breakfast = 600kcal
  • Lunch = 600kcal
  • Dinner = 600kcal
  • Snack = 600kcal

Log your training to make sure you eat enough calories each day. It's the only way to keep your stomach satisfied and the best way to guarantee you reach your goals.

How to log a workout

Follow these simple steps to log your workout and double the size of your snack:

  1. Exercise/workout
  2. Click the 'log workout' button on your meal plan

3. Tick the box next to your name and your snack will automatically double in size. And that's it - you're done.

How to log your workout


  • What activity is considered as 'exercise' or a 'workout'? Any activity that leaves you short of breath. Monitor your breathing during your workout. Activities that leave you breathless imply that you're pushing your body and can be considered a workout.
  • Do I need to log the type of exercise I do? No. It doesn't matter what type of exercise you do, as long as you workout. For some it might be a 30 minute yoga session, for others a 10k run, 20 minute HIIT session, or an hour walk in the park with your dog.
  • Does it matter how intense my workout is? No. Your snack will double in size regardless of how intense your workout was. Besides, everyone is different, and what is intense exercise for others, may not be intense for you. For example, a brisk 15 minute power walk will be intense for someone who is trying to get back into fitness after childbirth but it won't be intense for someone who regularly trains 4 times a week.
  • So my snack will double in size even if I run 10k or 5k? Yes. Your snack will double in size whatever type of exercise you do.
  • Can I cheat the system? Yes but we're trusting you not to. You have to judge whether the exercise is rigorous enough to be classed as a workout or not. Cheat the system and you'll only be cheating yourself, people.

What exercise does the NHS recommend?

Weight loss is only one of the many happy benefits of exercise but it also protects us from weight and health related illnesses. The NHS recommends that the average adult:

  • is physically active every day.
  • does two muscle strengthening activities or sessions a week to strengthen the major muscles in the body. Major muscles include legs, hips, back, stomach, chest, shoulders and arms.
  • does 150 minutes of moderately intense exercise OR 75 minutes of vigorous, intense exercise a week. The NHS has a handy list of moderately intense and vigorous exercises here.
  • reduces time spent sitting or lying down and breaks up long periods of inactivity with short walks and breaks.

So, remember to log your workouts (we're not psychic, unfortunately) and indulge in a larger helping of our delicious snacks, like our Digestive biscuits, Sticky chocolate brownies, Chocolate mousse, or our dreamy Chocolate hummus pot. Believe us when we say that once you've tried it you'll want to eat it every day.

chocolate hummus pot

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