COVID-19 is here. Top tips to stay healthy whilst working from home


COV-19 has thrown a spanner into 2020. A crisis situation has been declared in the UK as we wrestle to control the virus and our daily routines have been majorly disturbed. We hope that life as we know it will resume soon but until then, many of us will be required to make serious adjustments to our daily routine to navigate our way through the chaos.

Those who can, are being asked to work from home, which can be a challenge in itself. And with schools now closed, those of us with children will have the added distraction of childcare to consider. 

Changes to our daily routine can be unsettling at the best of times but throw a worldwide pandemic into the mix and it can all be a bit overwhelming. Check out our top tips for how you can keep you and your family safe, sane and healthy whilst at home during this emergency. 

We control what we do at home

In times of uncertainty, we crave familiarity and find comfort in routine. Try to keep the same daily habits you had pre-COVID-19 as much as you can to minimise the disturbance in your daily routine. These small actions can have a huge impact on how we feel about ourself but are usually the first things that fall off our radar when working from home. So what can we do to minimise the disturbance to our usual routine? 

  • Set an alarm and wake up the same time as usual.
  • Stick to your usual meal times.
  • Eat healthy, nutritious meals to boost your immune system and protect your health.
  • Stick to your meal plan.
  • Brush your teeth, wash your face and brush your hair.
  • Change out of your pyjamas and into fresh clothes.
  • Leave your house. You might not be heading to the office but a morning stroll isn’t out of bounds and we all need our daily dose of vitamin D.
  • Keep your exercise routine the same but swap gym workouts for a more suitable alternative. Swap your weights session at the gym for a bodyweight workout in the park or at home.
  • Avoid watching the tv more than usual - Netflix and Amazon Prime included, people.
  • Stick to your usual bedtime routine and bedtime.

Start your day with a nutritious breakfast


What we eat is more important now than ever. Pre COVID-19, working from home was considered a luxury. No morning commute meant that we could take the opportunity to slow things down and prepare something a little more special for breakfast. But not all of us had the opportunity to WFH back then, so let’s take advantage of it now. 

Indulge in a nutritious breakfast that will keep you and your family fuller for longer. Egg-based meals are a great way to curb hunger and minimise unnecessary snacking. Omelettes, frittatas and humble eggs on toast are all convenient but healthy options that will keep hunger at bay and stop you from raiding the fridge at every opportunity. But if they’re not your cuppa tea, try low-fat and nutrient rich porridge bowls, speedy pancakes or breakfast sandwiches. Our meal planner is loaded with hundreds of healthy recipes and bundles of breakfast ideas that will help you to resist the temptation to snack as you adjust to spending more time at home.

Be productive


Working from home requires discipline. It can be super difficult to stick to the same working structure and behaviours you normally do when in an office environment. Resist the urge to do the washing, clean, or clear out your food cupboard until you’ve completed the work you get paid to do. Prioritising housework first can affect productivity, as well as the diet and exercise choices we make. It can leave us feeling unproductive and low which can lead to long-term stress, and let’s be honest, we already have enough of right now. 

Write a to-do list to help you stay focused during work hours and set yourself small goals to help you manage your time. It could be something as small as working for an hour before making your next coffee. 

Know when to clock off. Some of us have the tendency to continue working long past our contracted working hours when working from home but it’s important that we shut down for the day to recharge our batteries so that we’re ready and raring to go again the next day. Set your working hours, communicate them to your colleagues to avoid out-of-hours requests and stick to them.

Stay active


Escaping the early morning commute is one of the major perks of working from home but like it or not, your commute keeps you active and contributes towards your daily step count. Pottering between your bed and desk every day will drastically lower your activity levels and daily calorie burn so keep moving! We may have been asked to work from home where possible but no-one ruled out a brisk walk around the block, a morning cycle or even a short 15 minute jog to or around your local park. All of these are completely doable, and recommended even, whilst social distancing yourself from others. The sunshine, fresh air and peace and quiet will help you start and continue your day in the right frame of mind.  

If you’re a gym bunny struggling to deal with the reality of your gym being closed for the foreseeable, don’t fret. Find an alternative that will keep your sanity and fitness in-check. Swap your usual weights workout at the gym for a bodyweight session in your house, your garden or even a park or train with our team online. Our 15 minute bodyweight workout videos are free with your meal planner and require no equipment. Win! 


COVID-19 won’t be around to plague our days forever so let’s take control of our lives in the meantime and let’s do it with a smile. Follow our tips above and let’s wait it out together. 

Stay strong, stay fit and above all, healthy.

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